Home Education

We are currently taking bookings for Maths groups starting in September.

The next block of Maths lessons will start Monday 7th November 

Age 11-13 Monday 1pm
GCSE Monday 2pm 

We are now taking bookings for these groups. 

Home Education English groups

Start Thursday November 4th 2021 and finish Thursday 9th December. 

We hope to have three groups (this is subject to demand);
Age 7-10- 11am
Age 11-14- 12pm
IGCSE- 1pm
Small and friendly groups which allow children to learn from each other’s ideas and build confidence in their own.

The children can participate in learning in a way that feels most comfortable for them. They can share their ideas to the group while learning from a qualified and experienced teacher –making learning relaxed, friendly and flexible.

Each term the children will develop their skills in reading, writing and grammar.
Homework tasks are offered weekly; these are optional.

Age 7-10: term 1: Dodge and the tornado- a short story with creative writing opportunities
         term 2: Aliens in the Kitchen- newspaper writing

Age 11-14: term 1: Amazing adventures- a selection of extracts from literature with a similar theme- descriptive writing and analysis
         term 2: Culture poems- poems from around the world- analyzing poems and writing our own.

IGCSE: fiction reading and writing- improving writing skills and reading for pleasure.
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