This depends on the size of the group or class. Evening classes take place downstairs in the cafe. One to one sessions and small groups take place in the classroom. All sessions are held in The Study Room Cafe. Parents are welcome to relax in the cafe whilst their children are being taught in the classroom. 

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Where do the lessons take place?

You can pay on the day with cash or by card or you can transfer money in advance online. You can pay weekly, monthly or at the start of each term. 

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How can I pay for tuition?

Absolutely. All staff have experience in working with students with SEND. A set of teaching resources in Maths have been created by our teachers to help teach mathematical concepts and methods to learners with learning difficulties. 

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My child has SEND. Can they benefit from attending The Study Room Cafe?
Will my child receive homework?

Homework is optional for all students and comes at no extra cost. 

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Yes, at The Study Room Cafe, we make an effort to use the same methods as the ones taught in schools as we do not want to cause confusion to our learners. However, we appreciate that we all learn differently and will adapt the content delivered in lessons according to the needs of our students. 

Are the methods taught in The Study Room Cafe the same methods that are taught in schools?

We currently cater for Key Stage 2 and above, however, we are currently considering setting up a Maths group for students in Key Stage One. If you would considering signing up for a KS1 Maths group, please get in touch. Adults can sign up for 1:1 tuition or join our evening Maths and English classes. 

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What age range does The Study Room Cafe cater for?